Duracell Alkaline Batteries

I compared some of these prices against Amazon, and just from what I saw, the 9V and D batteries were cheaper there. I also checked the AA’s, but they were slightly cheaper here.

I guess if you buy from here in bulk you could make your own deal by saving on shipping, but if you’re only buying a single pack, head over to Amazon.

Not much of a deal,at least on the AA variety.
A quick check on eBay gives you a 100 pack for $30.87,free shipping plus you earn .62 eBucks (discount) vs. Woot’s 80 pack for $27.99 +$5 S/H and sales tax. ~.45/cell Vs. ~.31/cell.Your particular situation may be slightly different. Do the math.

Sams Club cheaper for D cells too $12.99 for 10 ($26 for 20) vs $35

Since I just bought a bunch of batteries I don’t need this, but since I just bought a bunch of batteries I can tell you, this is not a great deal.