Duracell Alkaline Batteries

Nice. Hook all 620 batteries up in series, you’ll have 1000vdc to play with.

Are these made in USA or China?!

It Matters!!


Seems like a deal “too good to be true”! I wonder what the shelf life on these batteries are, and how stale are they?

Best by date is noted in the Specs.

Please note that the batteries have two dates on them. One is the manufactured on date; the other is the best by date.

Let’s do the math:

At $54.99 + $5 shipping, that’s $59.99 total. That means each battery costs $0.30.

At Costco, WITHOUT any sales or coupons, 80 Duracell AA batteries costs $14.99. Now each battery costs $0.19.

A pretty lousy WOOT deal, if you ask me. WOOT, I’m disappointed in you.

Okay, so you have to buy two of those packs at Costco - each pack is at $14.99 each…meaning that it’s $29.98 for the 80 batteries, NOT $14.99. And that means that each battery is $0.375.

Well, the Costco ad Is misleading as it says, 40 Unit 2+ Pack, making you think you are getting 80 batteries.
It’s only if you continue reading that you realize it is Two packs of 20! And it says this:
Quantity: 2
Price Per Battery .375


I’m still lost on the part where in the 21st century we still rely so heavily on batteries that just get thrown out…

Ordered these the last time they were on woot. Got 100AA and 100AAA’s the Manufacture date on my batch was 2014/03 and the best by date is 2020. Made in China.

I haven’t had any complaints.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: