Duracell Alkaline Batteries

Did someone mis spell ALKALINE for a reason???

In the picture, some of the batteries are spelled Alcaline or Alkaline, but not Alakaline.

It was on purpose to see if anyone would notice. Yeah, that’s it. :shy:

Always a good battery choice when eneloops aren’t usable.

Heckuva ballplayer: Al Kaline - Wikipedia


All you men out there should buy a set of these batteries for your wives or girlfriends as a stocking stuffer.

Don’t need to when you’re a regular energizer bunny in the sack or she has her Iphone on vibrate with my picture when calling.You know where I’m going with this.

the couch?


Nice. Great answer. I love it!

Thanks for the laugh!


Made in USA?

-I have to ask because there ARE made in China Duracells out there,
I’ve gotten them packaged in LED flashlights & remote controls in the past.

All the off the shelf Duracells I’ve gotten have been US made.

Could not find the “Made in China” on the various photos, and the mis-spellings are indicative of fakes. Are these the real deal, or half-charged knock-offs like the Eastman Kodaks I bought last year?

Both the AA and AAA pictures show the batteries with Chinese writing and say “Made in China” in French.

“Pile Alcaline” = “Alkaline Fuel Cell” in French or Italian.

These batteries appear to have been made for Canada. Hopefully the device you use them in has instructions in English.

But the link label at the top of the page, “alakaline” (sic), appears to be misspelled in any language.

BTW, cool that there are miscellaneous/assorted size options in this woot.

Want to buy, but waiting on confirmation of where they are manufactured.

Everything we have says they’re made in China.

These are made in China, it says “Fabrique En Chine” on a few of these if you look at the 80 pack of AAs. These are the cheap batteries they give you with new computer mice and remote controls. I’ll stick to my 96 packs of Rayovac UltraPros for $5 more than this. Sorry Woot.

@goatcrapp, if we are to believe the cover photo - the batteries clearly say “made in China”.

But oddly the Alliance for American Manufacturing (a recognized organization) site claims copper top Duracells are made in America.

The lack of source country on Duracell’s FAQ pages makes one wonder tho.

FYI, my Kirkland (Costco) batteries say made in US. Rumor has it they are made by Duracell for Costco.

:frowning: I need C batteries…