Duracell Alkaline Batteries

Just a reminder that toys for tots can always use batteries, so if you’re buying one for yourself consider buying an extra one for them too. Thanks!

My wife said order the C batteries, quickly, because she needs some. I don’t recall having anything that uses C batteries- but she said she needs them. Strange…


She might need emergency assistance, SOON, if you don’t get these batteries to her, ASAP.

does “that” run on C batteries? :wink:

In the picture for AAA batteries, these appear to be stamped with an expiration date of 2013. Is this what’s being sold?

Maybe that’s not expiration date, but the year of production.

Should I be worried these are Made in China? Them Chinese are very tricky when it comes to copying stuff.

This is more of a question–will it be one 80-pack like it says in the description? or will it be divided into smaller lots (like 4 packs of 20)?

I bought noisy things for my sister’s kids and would like to send them batteries so they can get to playing with them immediately!

if “that” runs on C batteries, “that” is a problem. Whoa.

She’s apparently hiding a boom box from 1985.

Expiration date in the picture is March 2019. Manufacture date is 6/2013

Thanks, that makes good sense.

Thanks for the info.

Is this a good deal? Havent priced batteries out lately.

Fellas & Fellowettes,
While these Duracell are priced at $0.35 per battery, check out the Sony batteries on Woot TECH right now for only $0.21 per batt! That’s 40% Less for SONY! And since these Duracell are the Made in China version of Duracell (versus the P&G Made in USA you’ll see in US stores), I’m quite sure the Sony’s will match up just fine! (…at least based on my recent experience with them).

I’ve never noticed Duracell batteries lasting any longer than many other ‘top brand’ ones, but one thing I HAVE noticed is that of ALL the batteries I’ve used over the past decade or so, Duracells are the only ones that corrode…sometimes even while not expired in the original pkg.

12 9 volt duracells for $18… not exactly a steal woot


It’s actually only 10 Duracell 9V for $19.99 (even worse!). Been trying to purchase the Sony 9V (12 for $12.99!) on Woot Tech for 2 days now…but the site won’t let me. :frowning: Will keep trying though…Wish me luck!

Made in China? Duracell is a USA based company…are these knock offs?