Duracell Batteries

Best to avoid these low quality,leaky Chinese made grey market bulk batteries.

How do you know that? Ive never had a problem w duracell?

I’m going to have to agree with mudman on this. I bought the 100 pack of AA and 100 pack of AAA. They are outperformed by Walgreens cheapest batteries, both in peak power and longevity. Stay far away.

If you look at the close up on the “copper top” part it has a little garbage can logo with an X over it, which is supposedly a tell tale sign that they are Chinese made. These are the same reverse imported Duracells made in China for an overseas market that are sold at Big Lots in generic packaging. According to various reports online they are much more likely to leak and have a shorter shelf life. So it’s very much a buyer beware situation.

On a side note, I’m more disappointed that there aren’t any rechargable batteries sold on their own without a charger I don’t need. I guess I’ll just be getting some AmazonBasics if I want some for a decent price. I miss the days when Woot would have eneloops.

Shouldn’t that be on all batteries, representing to not dispose in normal trash?

I’m going by this video as reference.