Duracell Batteries

I haven’t bought batteries in quite a while…are these actually a good deal?

I purchased these before. They are not is standard Duracell packaging. I’ve also had quite a few that were dead out of the shrink wrap that they used for packaging.

I suspect these are expired batteries or some other rejected cells. We’ve seen the biggest problem with the AAA batteries.

Most have been ok, but the capacity didn’t seem to be what I’ve always expected of Duracell.

These are NOT expired batteries. These are fresh batteries. Each sale has the Use by date on the Features or Specs.

They aren’t expired, but they are expiring.

Duracell normally guarantees that their batteries will last 10 years in storage, but these are only 5 years away from their expiration date.

That probably explains why they’re being sold in bulk without their normal packaging.

But, hey… even if they only last half as long as normal this is still a much better deal than what you will find in the grocery store.

If these are so ligit then why are they repackaged??

I’ve had better luck off the Kodak batteries that were sold on WOOT. Granted the capacity of the Kodaks isn’t the same, but at least they have all worked.

Try again MR. Admin. Last time I checked, the customer was always right. Has this changed since Amazon bought out WOOT??

Before you start slapping your gums you might check how long I’ve been a LOYAL customer and how many items I’ve purchased.

Bought 100 AA and 100 AAA before Christmas. Used them in Christmas decorations. The AA were very inconsistent and failed quickly. A large number (more than two dozen) exploded and leaked. Called Duracell and the markings didn’t match their description, and they insinuated that these aren’t genuine. Woot didn’t respond to request for service/return. 'nuff said.

Bingo but hey MR. Admin said a goose was a goose right, and they are never wrong as they stated the batteries were cherry forever. Given their silense and their questioning the integrity of their customers one can only arrive at one deduction. If the batteries suck and the admin states they are perfect then customers should avoid ANY future GOLDEN Duracraps that Woot tries and pawn off here.

Buyers be warned of bogus Duracrap China nock off batteries. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone it’s not a true copper top. These are crapper tops. If you like weak or DOA cells then please buy here. If Duracell won’t recognize them you can bet WOOT will look the other way. Damn I miss WOOT before Amazon screwed it up!

Found them on the mother ship and the comments have some interesting info. These batteries are so bad that someone actually called Duracell about them and they said the markings were not correct.

I can’t remember the last time I had a bad battery of any brand so these things must be horrible knock offs. They are all over the internet, with the same markings as these, sold in bulk and along with them are comments that they are not real/counterfeit/just bad batteries.

Yep, and as stated above, woot does not stand behind them – no customer service to speak of. I think if you’re selling counterfeit things and know it, that makes you legally an accessory? Who’s going to pay for the table-top that was ruined by two completely “fresh” batteries simply deciding to pop and leak?

We do not sell counterfeit batteries. These are legit Duracell batteries with a Duracell warranty.

If your batteries arrive defective, please let our CS know. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

#1 - Duracell says they’re not legit. Call them yourself and tell them what you have. They did ask me to send them back to them, because they were curious to see what they were, but they assured me they were nothing like the ones they sell.

#2 - I did, was asked whether I wanted a refund as you had no stock, and said I did, and never heard back. Not the first woot Customer Service fail.

#3 - These batteries caused real damage to real furniture – who am I going after to have that fixed/replaced? I would assume I can place a couple of “factory-fresh” batteries on a table for a few days, at room-temperature, without the risk of having them pop open and leak out acid, right? Never had an issue with that until these “duracells.”

I received an RMA and a return label in my mail this morning. Thanks, TT, let’s see where this goes.