Duracell Charger w/ 4AA/6AAA Batteries

**Item: **Duracell Charger w/ 4AA/6AAA Batteries
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Duracell Charger w/ 4AA/6AAA Batteries
Price: $14.99
Condition: New

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The batteries are good - they’re the low-self-discharge type NiMH, so they don’t go flat from sitting idle.

OTOH, the charger is nothing special to speak of. In fact, it’s not a good charger at all, as it’s simply timer based and has no idea the status of the battery is. The potential for it to overcharge the battery, shortening its life, is huge. Perhaps that’s why you only get a 90-day warranty on these …

Buy these for the batteries - the price is very good just for those already. The charger … ditch it and get a smart one like this.

Some additional info can be found right here

Well that’s annoying…just purchased this about two weeks ago for 20 off here…

Walgreen’s has a sale right now (2AA for $6.99) and wally world has 4AA for $10 … This appears to be a great deal… after tax and shipping its not bad

The batteries are good, but this type of charger likes to let my AAA batteries fall out of it.

You know what I’d really like to see, here on Woot?

A deal similar to this, but with the added bonus of solar charging capability, instead of just wall plug charging.

Any idea how these compare to Sanyo Eneloops?

I really like this deal, but I’m trying to think of things that I actually use batteries for, and nothing is coming to mind. Help?

GREAT ITEM! My kids go through batteries like water using their xbox and Playstation. This should save a lot of $$$ and trips to the store!

I have this charger, although I no where near use it to its full capabilities.

The price just for the batteries alone is great. If you have gamers in your house, one or more of these is a must!

We are gamers (xbox) and use wireless controllers (AA batteries) and a few of our headsets use AAA batteries. We game pretty much every day and this charger has made one pack of batteries last over a year so far.

In for 2!

@Narfcake, agreed, that LaCrosse BC-700 charger is a great charger. If you have a pile of rechargeable batteries it is a no brainer. And the current $29.19 price at the mothership is a lot cheaper than we paid!

@Luke975, go look at the mothership reviews for excellent assistance on how to best use the BC-700 - the included manual is near useless and requires an elementary kid’s young eyes to read it!

Small flashlights, groomers/trimmers, remote controls, wireless mice/keyboard, two-way radios, cameras (gopro/actioncams), etc etc.

Thanks for the tips. Your so right about this being a dumb charger that can cause problems from overcharging.

Whoa. If thats the case then I struck gold recently when I found 2 packs of 4pk Duraloop (Rebranded Eneloop/Duracells) for $6.50 each on my local grocery store clearance rack.

getting a “Yikes there’s been a server error” message when I click “Proceed to Checkout”

I got this charger in September. It told me that a bunch of my NIMH batteries were bad.

I have stopped using the charger and gone back to the Sanyo charger I was using, first.

Those “bad” batteries are still in regular rotation.