Duracell Powermat+Daytrip Power Bank Set

Bought a couple of these last year, though they were slightly different:

  1. Small battery pack had Apple 30-pin and micro USB connectors.
  2. No large battery pack.

I use mine for charging my Galaxy S6 at work (the S6 supports both Qi and powermat, and works fine). Every time I put the phone down, I drop it on this charger and my phone is always charge.
Positioning the phone on the charger is a bit fiddly - generally I get it right the first time, sometimes I have to pick up the phone and put it down again. Still less fiddly than pulling out a cable.

For the one I bought, the battery pack is really too small to be of much use - 1800 mah is half the size of the battery in my S6. Having the 8800 mah pack always charged and ready to go on the other half of the powermat would be a godsend.

It’s worth the $20. I’d buy it again if I had a need, and a phone that supported this standard.

Sad to see Woot doing the “super fake list price” trick to make you think you’re getting such a great deal. Never, in the history of commerce, has this set ever sold for $189.

Got this off of Meh.com a few weeks ago…really decent set. I like that it charges wirelessly.

Not sure if this one actually comes with the wireless charging Powermat…

Ooh, good catch. On Amazon, this model number (PCSB1) lists “PowerMat (sold separately)”. On Woot, the powermat is shown in one of the pictures, but isn’t explicitly listed as being included…

They call it Powermat but it is just the 2 power banks. We’re adding a note to the pic showing the wireless charger.

last image shows the box. You see the words powermat and you see the two chargers. Total amazon sale price is ~$50. I think this is a deal.

Are the old Powermats (before they became Duracell) still compatible with the newer products?

Will the new Duracell Powermat® products work with my existing Powermat® products?
Generally yes. There is one exception however. The Powermat Rings only work with PMA3 technology.