Duracell Quick Charger - 2 Pack with 4 AA & 4 AAA

Prime members can get these 2 for $22.77 ( $10.74 ea. ) out-the-door at the mothership, along w/2-day delivery. These look to be the UK version, the mothership offers the US version. Shouldn’t be any difference except maybe packaging and slight difference in terminology. UK version is “speedy” charger, US version is “quick” charger.

Can anyone comment on how many charges you get?

Buying the Eneloop pack when it’s on sale at Costco would be a better deal. The current pack they have has a case, charger, 8 AA, 4 AAA and C,D adapters. All for $24-30 bucks.

This Duracell Charger comes close, it has the same number of batteries as the Costco you mention, doesn’t have C,D adapter and sells for $34.46 on Amazon. So your Costco mention does sound like a very good deal.

Can’t say how many charges, but you’ll get a lot of use out of each set.

I have sets that I’ve had for years, in almost constant use. (swapping sets)