DuraLock Pistol Hard Cases

You got your “single.”
You got your “double.”
My big guess is that single holds one pistol & double holds two (being Woot, however, we can’t “assume”, only guess.)
Then you got your “deluxe” and your “extra large” which rolls.
Numbers! I need numbers!
So is the deluxe a “threeble” which holds three pistols? Extra large - a “fourble” or even “moreble”? How many pistols can be housed in the last two cases? (Minus the insect activity.)

Seriously… Enough of the cutest descriptions. We need real info.

FYI: The only difference I see between the two is that the Deluxe is two inches thicker… Not sure why you’d need that for pistols though.

You have the inside dimensions of the case. How big are your pistols (and ammo, cleaning gear, etc)?

You could put several of James Bond’s PPKs in a box that would only hold one Dirty Harry Automag.

These look great if you are keeping a firearm on the boat or going shark or alligator fishing but I still think I perfer a range bag to travel with, and a safe to store at home. These don’t appear to be FAA compliant so they are not good to travel with either.
Still the idea is kinda cool.

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You know, just because it says that it is a “pistol case” does not mean that is the only thing you can put in there. These cases (and the ones that were on sport.woot a couple days ago - THANKS!) are great for storing anything fragile or sensitive. Camera equipment, computer equipment, tools - you name it. They can be locked to keep honest people honest, and can be locked to something else to slow down dishonest people.

Perhaps we should get a few to store the Constitution in. It would appear that some people would like to break it up and remove parts of it.


There you go! Multi-purpose these bad boys! Woot should have chimed in with a similar response itself. :wink:

I agree! FAA approved would close this deal for me! California approved would be a plus for travel, though I don’t live with that extreme parinoia.

Any reviews on DuraLock. Im unable to find anything. Looks alot like Pelican.

I could not find anything either, DuraLock looks to be a model or brand for SportLock http://www.sportlockllc.com/ but there is no information on the SportLock website either.

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LAPG has a deal on Bail Out Bags… http://www.lapolicegear.com/tabaoutbag.html

Also, jumbo BOB and pistol case… http://www.lapolicegear.com/lapg-range-bag-kit.html

Good deal on both!

That is just beautiful Glen. I wish I could give you a quality post!

I missed all the fun!

Does anyone know if the Nerf guns from the other sale will fit in these cases?

These are just rebranded Seahorse cases with absolutely nothing added as far as I can tell aside from dollars to the price. SE 310, SE 710, SE 720, and SE 920 are the model numbers off the top of my head.

Someone said these are not FAA approved? I have taken a shotgun on a plane Believe it or not in a soft carry bag. Nothing fancy just a Remington 870. I guess handguns are different.

This was pre 09/11 just showed it to poor check in clerk,when I said “OK I will show you its broken down” she said “I believe you”. Then checked it under to plane with my dogs and heavy luggage. Our car had died on Orcas Island WA.

I’m guessing things are a little more strict now. I sent an email to Boyt Harness regarding the sport.woot cases of last week, which claimed to be:

and checked the FAA / TSA website. The note I got back from Boyt said:

The TSA website says:

It looks to me like these will qualify for traveling with a firearm, but I have not touched one, have not tried it and am not a trained professional.

Holy cow, you hit the nail on the head! Went to look up Seahorse cases and… wow… exactly the same thing! So is this the actual Seahorse company selling a rebranded version, hoping to market it as a higher end brand, or some Chinese knock-off? (The second would burn even more, considering Seahorse is touted as being US made, why is a ‘cheap’ knock-off more expensive?!?)

Just a note about “TSA locks”


That means that anyone with a TSA master key (baggage handlers, security, etc…) can unlock it.

The rules actually state NOT to use a TSA lock if I’m not mistaken.

Actually, for the purposes of flying with a gun, I’ve always heard it suggested to NOT use a TSA lock.
Saw some guy talk about using a gun(which includes starter pistols BTW) as an excuse to use legitimate locks on his expensive electronic equipment rather than the cheap TSA ones, after having thousands of dollars worth of gear stolen in the past.

And while anyone can get past any lock given time/tools, it’s a lot more obvious if a baggage handler or TSA person are going at your bag with bolt cutters in the corner vs using a master key on a TSA lock