Durex XXL Durex Classic Condoms 3

Durex XXL Durex Classic Condoms 3

XXL…Longer and Wider! :eggplant: :sunglasses:

this says 3ct and 18ct
seems suspicious and neither the ‘old’ nor the new packaging looks like the real xxl packaging
last purchase wasn’t anywhere near this price for 3packs of 12

Looks like it’s 18 count.

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That’s what she said…

Any reason neither image is the one I know is correct
and I realize these are 12ct yet the 1st is the design of all the packs regardless of size

or the other that may be

No, sorry. I wouldn’t be able to find out until tomorrow when the sale is ended.

Makes great water balloons. Or, fill with shave cream and hang on door knobs.