DuroMax XP4850EH 4850W Dual Fuel Generator

DuroMax XP4850EH 4850W Dual Fuel Generator

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There was a comment in the reviews about “be sure to only use non-ethanol gas in this device” (check for that first; this can be very hard to find). Not sure which models were reviewed (what a pain).
Personally, if a propane tank runs for ten hrs, I bet I can refreeze one fridge (in five hrs?) and not lose contents (in two) for another day.

Might be able to “prop up” a neighbor or three.

NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY if this was delivered FIVE DAYS early, because it isn’t OUT there. This is about the biggest item I’ve ordered here, and if this got pirated I’m going to be less than okay. No normal “photograph of the box on my property”, no proof of arrival!

@ThunderThighs, IS it possible they would have gotten this package here already???

Sometimes the package will show as delivered but it’s still on its way. Depends on the carrier. Swishship (TBA numbers) do take pictures but for some reason on Woot the customer doesn’t get a copy.

The good news is something this heavy probably wasn’t stolen by the usual casual passerby pirate. I guess you don’t have a Ring doorbell camera or anything huh.

This generator looks interesting I was thinking about getting one.

I do, but had no indication of activity at my front door! Dug deeper, found that as far as I can tell, my WIFE must have been “At the Garage Door” when this box WAS DELIVERED - it is in my garage! Much happier (assuming the package is complete).
(@ThunderThighs all is good for now!)

SOME of my kerfluffle is from getting three injections yesterday, and being in the middle of getting WHOMPED… and getting the “Delivered” status without closure or fanfair.

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I just adore happy endings!