Dusted Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (4)

Looks like the ones for $30+ at Total Wine are for the VR version… I believe this woot offering is their standard Cabernet?
Making sure everyone’s notes are for the regular Cab and not for their more expensive VR version.

yea, that’s why we fast tracked the repeat. absolutely screaming now.

I’ve taken several shots in the dark on wine woot and this is by far the best surprise I’ve had -awesome deal

Visited their tasting room in Woodinville, WA over Mothers Day weekend. Their 2013 VR Special Cabernet Sauvignon was our favorite of the tasting - the specs on this are slightly different. Anyone have notes comparing the two?

Looked at Total website, didn’t see mention of VR version. At least where I was looking.

This stuff is awesome, I’m in for two.

FWIW, I opened a bottle tonight. On PnP, this is an in your face wine. Strong flavors and oak. If you drink this any time soon, let it decant a while. Perhaps at least an hour. Tannns have softened when you do and it is much more palatable.

Thanks. Bought 8 last time, yet to pop.

Similar situ here, bought 8 on the offer earlier this year (Mid April). Had very high hopes based on WD input and other posts…Bottle 1 of 8 was simply - Meh! Praying the other 7 are not the same? =( Anxious and a bit scared to open the next one. Tasting Notes: “cherry cough syrup” - esque. Nonexistent structure & complexity. H3 Cab is infinitely better than my 1st bottle of this wine. Hoping it was a rare dud in this batch. May my luck not be yours.

Anyone know when these will ship? Thank you!

Given the holiday, I’d say early next week as a guess.

I was just wondering the same, since today is day 5 of the 3 to 5 day shipping window… I sure hope ThunderThighs is wrong - if she’s right, we’ll be at day 8 before these start moving.

That’s 3-5 days in transit once they ship. Not 3-5 days for shipping to be initiated. Generally speaking, most wines arrive within 2-3 weeks of ordering them. Give or take a few days depending on which part of the country you call home.

My order says, “Ships in 3-5 business days with Standard delivery speed (3-8 business days)”, which puts it in the 2-3 week timeframe overall. On the other hand, the charge to my credit card hit the same day…

A couple of years ago, I ordered another Washington state red wine through Wine.Woot which apparently got misplaced (the winery never got it). The winery made good on it (they had the order - just didn’t know who it belonged to) and shipped it about two months after the original order. WineDavid promised a couple of bottles of something special to make up for the inconvenience, but those never showed up.

My order arrived in Arizona on Friday night May 27th. Last tracking shows in Mississippi on May 28th. Delivery date is Friday June 3rd in Central Florida. Hope it doesn’t arrive cooked.

Today’s the ninth business day following May 18th, and my orders still haven’t shipped. Anyone else waiting on WCC to ship their orders?

Oh man, bummer. Have you emailed support@woot.com with your order info and situation yet?

Yep! Zero help. They’re sorry for any confusion and said that daily deal orders ship within 3-5 business days. (OK… So, my wine should have shipped last week.) They also said Wine.Woot orders ship directly from the vendor. (Nope… Checked with Dusted Valley - the wine is trucked from Washington to Sonoma, and WCC sends them out from there.)

They also said that I should have the wine within 2-3 weeks of the order date, often sooner. (Definitely not any sooner. Given the predicted heat levels in California within the next week, probably not within 3 weeks, either.)

Seems as if Woot customer service made things more confusing, not less…

Jeez, I’m sorry. I’ll get your info to the right hands.

Still in Mississippi. Long cooking time due to the Memorial Day holiday and the southern train route.