Dusted Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (4)

Received two emails this morning: one an apology for late shipping and an assurance of shipment by the 3rd; the other a shipment notice with tracking number. Delivery (SoCal area) is scheduled for tomorrow.

Oh man, sorry. I’ll check in with CS to have someone take a look and clarify.

Hey, no worries! The emails were an hour apart - I’m just adding a data point with respect to general shipment status.

I also received emails from Woot this morning: two automated emails indicating that my two orders had been shipped, followed an hour and a half later by two automated emails apologizing for the delayed shipping.

An hour and a half later, I received a demeaning email from Woot customer service berating me for my “unique confusion” (since I had swapped “March” for “May” in my previous email to). Note that I never claimed that the order was 10 weeks overdue…

Mine arrived in the Cleveland area yesterday, can’t wait to crack open a bottle to try it out.

My experience has been that I order from Woot, and then sit back and wait. That being said, it has always been worth the wait…keeps me coming back!!!

I usually don’t comment on wines I purchase on this site because I have always really been happy with everything I have ordered up to this point. I should add that I usually order stuff I know I like or have thoroughly reviewed.

I took a chance on this one and It is absolutely undrinkable. I thought maybe I just got a bad bottle when I opened the first one and I dumped it. So i opened a second one. Same result with the first glass. I decided let it breathe a little. Poured another glass later and it didn’t help. I put the cork in it and went to bed.

The next day I was sitting in the living room with my kids after dinner. My wife comes in the room with a glass of wine and I think nothing of it. Then I hear, “holy f@%:k~*g shit, how did you drink that?” My kids are young and she never talks like that around them. So in the end the wine was bad, but at least I had a good laugh.

Maybe the new shipping policy has something to do with it, I’m in Ohio.

What shape where the corks in?
Maybe it got cooked in transit

Ask for a refund on bad wine. I always do.

Oh man, sorry. You’re definitely welcome to send your order details and issue to support@woot.com for CS assistance.

My shipment to SoCal took about a day and arrived at about 82 degrees. I’m not convinced that I’d buy another (I like a bit more of an assertive Cab), but the bottle I opened has been very pleasantly drinkable - both yesterday and today. No regrets.

is there a chance that your shipment got cooked?

Could be cooked but screw cap so definitely not corked.

I would say cooked or bad luck. The first time I visited Napa/Sonoma I had a nasty tasting red but I was too afraid to mention it. Everyone else who was tasting eventually had the same opinion. The young lady pouring tasted it and said it was bad and she apologized, opened another bottle of the same and it was great. Kind of a metallic bite I would say. This was similar. But with 3 of the 4 bottles I have to say I’m pretty bummed.

So is it something customer service can or would do something about? I guess I was just going to write off as 1 bad experience and move on. What say you fellow wooters?

I would follow the advice of cortot and manhands, and contact support@woot.com for a refund.