Dusted Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (4)

this is the last of it.

killer deal IMO.

I was on the fence last time, but if this is it, i’m in for one!


Great QPR on this stuff. Its an easy buy if you don’t have any.

back in March, this was 3 for 60 and got rave reviews; now it is 4 for 55, hmmm what to do?

Dusted Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack
$59.99 $138.00 57% off List Price

How long will this hold?

We picked this up on the last woot offering and were very pleased.
Nice fruit, but not overwhelmingly so, with a nice rounded flavor.

Definitely worth a go!

Im no expert, but given that its a cab and on a screw cap I would imagine its shelf life to be at least a few more years. I am not sure this is really built for long term aging tho, i think its meant to be drunk. then again, i am no expert.

Ha, just opened one thirty minutes ago
gambling it would come up. Nice, dusty, lots of violets but heat comes through like a beast. I’m hoping heat tones down the longer it is open. Not a CA cab if that’s your thing. Smooth tannins and restrained oak.


Thanks twich…in for one.

It definitely is ready to drink now, or near future. And at this price you won’t feel guilty about it either! :slight_smile:

Bought this the last two times it was up. Like it a lot, but not quite enough to auto-buy this time.

i got a ship notice from fedex on Monday (6/27) but it isn’t moving. will this only update after the reefer truck gets to St. Louis? pardon my ignorance about summer shipping details…

Yes, it will update when it hits the dropoff location which is most likely St. Louis.