Dusty Keys


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

If you’re rich enough to order this shirt expedited, than you’ve probably enough money for a good digital camera.

Do the community a favor: take a picture of this t-shirt and post it for all to see.

I like it, but I’ve bought too many shirts lately. I’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow.

Congrats on the print! I think it’s an awesome design. I don’t really like guns though, so it’s not for me. I can totally see this selling out though.

Are you kidding me? How could these three possibly win over the green cactus one? I was so looking forward to it.

Wooters, you disappoint me…

Picked me up one of these!

I’d like to see some photos of this shirt. Black on brown has been known to be problematic in the past, yet several designs in the Old West derby (by strong designers too) used black on brown anyway. The black guns and wing-things here are larger shapes, so maybe they’ll turn out ok. I hope so, as it would open up some design options when working on a brown shirt.

Congrats on the print sundbe. :slight_smile:

Hellz Yes!

In for one (even though I just bought the cupcake one like 2 days ago…hehe I’ma be broke soon). This was by far the best shirt in the derby

that’s how.
that too.

also, grats on the print, sundbe. I hope it turns out well.

You had to know it would win - 4 place kept vacilating between dead man’s hand and the green cactus. I was surprised - I thought this one would come in first. It looks cool, in for one!

good i wanted this one to win!


Now I have a great shirt to wear to my monthly USPSA and IDPA matches.

Muahaha…A zone!

anyone know why certain keys are a shade off?

definitely in for one. 3rd woot tee

same here. this one is sick

Another excellent design even if I don’t quite understand how all of the elements go together. I -could- imagine an old-west saloon, with a honky-tonk piano playing, rough-tough cowboys playing cards, guns under the table…

Somehow, I’m not sure that is what is what was intended, however.

Its a chord in a song. Don’t know which song, I didn’t see that the designer ever posted which one.

gonna sleep on this one. sans guns, i’d be all over it. still pretty cool regardless

I like it. Wish I got my first woot shirt already, so I knew how these bad boys fit.

gritty brown? is that a joke? if not… has there been a gritty brown shirt before?