Dutch Iris Mix Flower Bulbs

Confusion here: could staff please elaborate? The third photo is of bearded irises, not dutch irises. Is this package a mix of both?

TT, TSH, Tools buyer: Shall I assume by the lack of an answer that the answer is already there in the product description?

“Dutch Iris Mix Flower Bulbs”

It does not say “Mixed Dutch Iris Bulbs”, but is worded to possibly mean “a mix of flower bulbs that contain Dutch Iris as part of the mix”. I’d like to buy, but only want Dutch Iris bulbs.

Not to scroll the discussion on this item, but wanted to add that Groupon has these, but for $5 more. However, they also allow quantities up to five per order.

These are mixed iris bulbs

Not just Dutch irises. Thanks.

“Blooms early to late spring”

With an estimated delivery date of April 12, I don’t see how these can possibly be blooming in early spring.

I have a feeling that woot is going to be giving me a refund for this.