Dutch Oven Lid Lifter & Lid Holder

This does not include a dutch oven… I didn’t read the full description and just looked at the picture. Fail.

I am now officially pissed off at woot. A month ago I ordered what I thought was the grill, the lid holder, and the charcoal holder and just got the grill (should have known better, the price was too good). Today I received this item when I thought I was ordering the two piece combo: lid holder and charcoal holder. Maybe I am an idiot and ordered the wrong thing twice. Maybe woot should only show pictures of what is actually being offered for sale for each item. The grill pictures included the pot lifter/stand and the charcoal holder. I actually compared the price on woot for the two piece combo to the two piece combo on Amazon. it was cheaper on woot, so I ordered it. I was careful this time to order the right thing. How come I now have to order the charcoal holder separately, and pay an additional amount over ordering the combo, plus the additional shipping?
I have been here a lot of years, never got a bag of loot, and now this. I am really P.O.'d.