Duvet & Comforter Sets: Cozy To Go-zy

You DO know that a duvet IS a comforter?

No it isn’t. It’s a high-priced bag, a cover for a comforter. They are stupid-expensive, and one would be best off buying material and sewing them up themselves. I refuse to pay the exorbitant prices for this seemingly exotic, USA oddity, that are as common and cheap as dirt in Europe.

Then would a “duvet cover” be a cover for a cover of a comforter? :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s kinda both, depending on what country you live in and how you use the terms.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the difference is:

A “comforter” is a single piece, filled with down or synthetic material, that if you need to clean it, you have to clean the entire thing. (In a triple-load washer at the Laundromat!)

A “duvet” is a 2-piece thing. The inside is like a comforter in that it is a piece filled with down or something, but it has a “duvet cover” that looks like a big bag that can be removed and washed separately. Sort of like a pillow where you can remove the pillowcase to wash … you can remove a duvet cover to wash it, and you can’t do that with a comforter.

Personally, I bought a duvet cover from Ikea to go over my comforter only because it’s a lot cheaper than replacing a heavy comforter and I wanted a new color scheme for my bedroom.

The Full/Queen size Duvet Cover Set is listed as 34.99 but when you add it to your cart it’s 39.99!

Confirmed what k3nd0 stated. I don’t need to even add it to my cart to see that when I select Full/Queen, the price is updated to $39.99. This is contrary to what displays in the drop down “Full/Queen-$34.99”