Duvet Cover Sets: Just The Cover

Can anyone explain why the Full/Queen are more expensive than the King? Aren’t Kings, you know, more fabric and therefore always more expensive?

Edit: Never mind, when you put them in the cart, they are both the same price. It’s just in the listing that the prices are different. Odd, but fixable by the woot staff!

It’s fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

Anyone know anything about the details of these? We are looking for one of these, ones we’ve had in the past have always been thick/heavy. The whole idea of a down comforter is ‘warmth with weight’ so we prefer a thin, light material. Absolutely no info provided here.

Edit - make that warmth without weight. That’s what we need.

stevematlbch - A duvet is just a cover that goes over your existing comforter. So it’s just adding the warmth of 2 cotton sheets (one on either side of the comforter) to your existing comforter.
Does that answer your question or did I misunderstand?