DVD Cover Maker

Does anyone know a good program/site that I can print out DVD covers and slip them into a standard DVD case? I heard Nero 7 works but then you have to find the site that you can save the image from. Thanks a lot people.

I had an idea and checked MS for templates:

CD/DVD Cover Templates

And Avery Label Products:

Avery CD/DVD Covers

You can probably modify them to suit yourself . . .

Thanks for the help. In addition I am really looking for the actual DVD title covers that I can print and slip into the case.

Ya might try googling the titles and saving the pics of the cover; you’d prolly have to fiddle with size and stuff, but that shouldn’t be too difficult (unless you can get hold of an original and scan it.)

Thats what I originally tried. As long as I could find a decent sized picture then I could resize it, but it is not easy to find the cover, unless my keyword search isn’t right.

Are ya googling images? If not, try googling discography or filmography of whatever you’re looking for . . .

You can go to http://cdcovers.cc and go to the Covers tab. They have just about every cover known to man.

To print them, you need to download a program called Undercoverxp. You can download it here http://www.undercoverxp.tk/

This program allows you to do regular DVD cases or Slim Line case. It’s pretty easy to figure out as well.

Hope this helps

Now this is a real answer!!!

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I found a site called movieposter.com which gave me a lot movie pictures.

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Try www.neato.com. They sell discs, labels, covers, cases, printing software (very user friendly), and anything else you can think of. Everything I’ve ever ordered from them is not only well priced, but good quality (and if you search arround the site, you can usually find a coupon code)