DVD Sets for Little Ole Me

the only version of Pride and Prejudice that ever mattered.

If you’re only looking for the “Prejudice” may I suggest Duck Dynasty?

Thank you. Thank you. I’m here all week.

Awesome price on the Boy Meets World set, still one of the best shows ever.

We have to put up with you all week? Bummer…

Grabbed this over the weekend when it was on Sellout. My son watches Girl Meets World and he was interested in this. We watched the first episode of BmW on youtube and he really liked it. I’m stoked to get this, I loved it when I was his age.

After thinking about it, got the Robotech set. Haven’t seen the show in years, and I missed much of it the first time around.
I CAN’T WAIT to watch it, but…

Woot, have you COMPLETELY given up on packaging your products? The set came in a PLASTIC BAG with no padding. None at all. The DVD case was broken in several locations. Fortunately it looks like none of the discs were damaged. But, come on! Learn how to package your products before shipping them!