DVS Footwear

The CT in Gavin CT should stand for Cut Through. As in, they Cut Through the back of your heels. They were not built correctly. they tore my feet up.

What exactly is Woot’s return/exchange policy on a products like this? Do you gotta know for sure that the particular shoe will fit in the size you order, or be out a chunk of change? In my experience, good fits can vary as much a a whole size between shoes.

Unless there’s a problem with a product, Woot generally doesn’t do exchanges or returns. You can always email Woot Member Services to see what options are available. As another suggestion, if you order and find that the size isn’t going to work for you, you can post back and see if someone wants to buy them from you personally. Hope that helps!

Can we get some more twelves in those greys and blues? =(

This is pretty much why I’ll never buy stuff like this on woot. It’s a shame because I’d love to try on a pair of those camo boat shoes. Maybe I’m a natural skeptic. After all, it took me years to pull the trigger on shirt.woot and I have an unhealthy addiction to tees.

You have a completely valid point. I’m really sketch about buying shoes or clothes online since I can’t see/touch/try them on first. What I’ve found over the years though, is that if I’m familiar with how a brand fits me, it’s easier to make an educated decision to buy online. That said, you’re certainly entitled to your skepticism!

Oh totally, if you guys were selling one of the myriad Adidas shell-toes styles I don’t have(hint hint) I would be all over it. I actually buy a lot of clothing online but mostly from brick and mortars where I can return stuff.