DVS Skate Shoes: Be The Ali of Ollies

Do you skate? How do these hold up?

When I looked at the sale, I thought it was for the shoes that have the little wheels in the soles. Those seem a lot more fun than these.

While I can’t speak for this particular pair, I wore a pair of DVS Barons quite a bit in college and they held up extremely well. I still have them actually - they’re kind of beat up now, so they’ve become the shoes I wear to concerts if I anticipate getting rowdy.

DVS are some quality shoes. And these are some good prices for them. I gotta say I’m a bit surprised, because this is the first time I’ve seen a reputable skate brand on woot. But that’s the sort of change I can get behind.

DVS are rock solid skate shoes! They have always been a close second to éS shoes, but sadly now that éS has gone out of business they’ve crept back into my #1 spot…

In my experience DVS has sacrificed quality for cost over the past few years. I’m not talking about fashion knocks, if you like the look and don’t skate these are just fine. But skateboarding shoes demand certain criteria be met, and DVS has forgotten that. They used to be absolute bangers in the early 2000s, and recent pairs have been wearing out much faster. Also, I can’t fathom why they’ve stuck with the urban assault tank aesthetic either when every other company in the game realized that the 90s were full of terrible fashion ideas and jumped ship.

That being said, they’re still good shoes. I’ve had two pairs of Gavins in the past year and both were on par with more expensive kicks in terms of comfort until the ollie zone blew out. Decent bang for your buck here, especially if you’re not going to skate them into the ground.

Glad to read your reply. My son skateboards (mainly downhill longboarding) & needs new skateboard shoes. I was thinking of getting these for him. Generally he gets Vans…but isn’t brand tied when it comes to shoes.

I would consider the Gavin CT or Ignition CT if your son typically wears Vans. Both are vulcanized like Vans. The upper of the Gavin CT is more in line with the Vans product.

After reading dysti’s post, I’d ruled getting these out. (He/she said they are mainly for non-skaters.) I’ll check out both of those brands. He also said he wants gloves. Any suggestions? He’s been wearing yard gloves with the extra padding in the palm. Which has worked out ok but I think he wants something a little less farmer looking (not that he minds). Thanks!

DVS are definitely for skaters. However, I want you to get what you know your kiddo will like, so please look at all your options - including good ol’ Vans.

Vans and work gloves is a LORDS OF DOGTOWN look, very retro. I admire his nod to the founders of skateboarding. Very cool.

But, if he’s looking for a little more protection, Sector 9 makes some that are reasonably priced and Triple Eight has some nice options. They can get very expensive very fast. :slight_smile:

These shoe’s are built well. make sure you get the triple stitch ones. Nike also makes a new skate shoe and i use these as work shoe’s more then anything else. Globe and these are great lasting shoe’s.

if he’s longboarding, he’s not going to be doing ollies and other tricks that would wear out the top of the shoe anyway, so these DVS are probably fine for him.

work shoes?!? Man I want your job I would trade in my steel toes for skate shoes any day. Besides that you going to get quality for this price so do expect these to survive 6 months of hard skateboarding. So I would buy two pairs to rotate what I have been doing for 15 years. If your a cruiser or causal wearer they do go far.

He mainly does longboarding, but also plays around the neighborhoods & heads out to the skatepark for the fancy stuff once in awhile. Caught him the other day jumping from a retaining wall in the backyard. He laid cardboard boxes on the grass for a straight away.

His longboard is a Sector 9. (Not sure what that has to do with anything, but just felt the need to point it out). :slight_smile:

Newfie is absolutely right. These are certainly skate shoes, and they blow any conventional sneakers or “chillers” (i.e. un-reinforced generic canvas) out of the water.

I just meant that DVS used to make total workhorses, sacrificing some board feel and flexibility for indestructible and ultra-cushioned. They no longer seem to do that, instead trending more towards the middle of the road with lighter materials that wear out faster.

The Gavins that I had were close to being on par with, say, a Vans Era or Authentic in terms of lifespan. The main difference being that the DVS are a bit wider in the heel, puffier with the cushioning all over, and give a little less board feel.

Also, the way I skate mangles the sides and tops of my shoes, which doesn’t happen at all with longboarders. They generally like tons of board feel and don’t care much about the uppers as long as they’re flexible. Again, Newfie hit the nail on the head, something vulcanized with relatively thin midsoles is definitely the way to go for that.

I wish I had seen this sale earlier, these seem like good prices for good shoes. Woot, do these more often!

Try these on closeouts Motorcycle gloves. They look cool even.

Last night I looked at his skate shoes. The pairs he wears when he goes longboarding are a lot different than the ones he wears when he’s skateboarding…I don’t know what it called…regular skateboarding. I’ve never really paid much attention. Both are Vans. The longboard ones hardly have any padding, but the bottoms (especially the right toe area) are worn smooth. Then the others have padding on the tongue & are a much thicker shoe. They are only worn little on top & side of the right shoe (I think). I think he’s wanting shoes for longboarding. I decided to just show him these shoes & let him pick. He’s not brand picking when it comes to shoes but he only likes black…so.
Now for the gloves…he showed me the gloves he’s been wearing. He’s been through a few pair. They have holes in them so he’s wrapped duct tape around them (even the fingers). I asked why they get worn & was really shocked at what they do! I try not to freak out but oh my stars! I’m going to watch this weekend. I’ve seen him on the hills around our house, but he & his friends go out in the country to a road that dead ends & has no traffic. He said they go really fast & get low to go around curves. He drags his hands on the road.
He’s wanting some gloves that have I think he said disks or pucks(?) that he can change out when they get worn down. Okay. I might just let him show me exactly what he’s talking about.