Dwarf Patio Oriental Lily Bulbs

Dwarf Patio Oriental Lily Bulbs

If you don’t plant these immediately or use indoor methods to hold them over until transplant in the fall, you may want to consider not purchasing them as Woot won’t stand behind the products.

I purchased nearly $180 of bulbs last fall, and after planting them properly, only 25% of them sprouted. Of all the bulbs, only certain varieties sprouted, the rest of them all failed. Woot’s CS staff said that because we were outside of a 90-day warranty window, there was nothing they could do – then insulted me with a measly $6 credit (on a $180 order) when I noted that it’s more than 90 days between fall planting and the spring, when you know whether the bulbs are defective.

Hi there. I’m sorry for the problem with your bulbs. I’m asking Woot CS to relook at your contact to see if it was handled properly.

I’m deleting all your posts save this one. You were kinda spamming the forum there.

Thank you, I’ve heard back from Jack and we’ve come to a good resolution on the case.

As for spamming, I was aware of the possibility of it being perceived as spam, but I wanted to ensure that each product page including those bulbs had the caution on it, so that people would know the limitations of Woot’s warranty policy and my experience.

Thank you for your help!