DXG Black 720p HD Camcorder

Can anyone suggest a good power strip or camera?

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look at the size of those wooters.us

DXG Black 720p HD Camcorder [New] - $29.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * DXG V567V Black 720p HD Camcorder

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the last 10 items have all had less than 50 pieces. WTH!

Note to woot employees: Last night we sold everything we could find in your desks in order to drag out the almighty woot-off. Deal!

The speaker stands just gave me enough time to grab some cheetos… now all i want is a dang monkey! PLEASE WOOT PLEASE PLEASEEEEE

eww flash memory.

if your reading this, the item has already been soldout

I want something amazon…

No, and I also cannot recommend a good camcorder.

I like turkey sandwiches.

Will this work with Windows 3.1?

Worst cam ever, nor worth a $o.o1. Terrible quality

I have one of these–excellent quality for such an inexpensive HD Camera!

Wow this retails for like $100.

It’s like the cool kids club up in here. :open_mouth:

I am incredibly entertained by this virtual woot off seizure of stuff. Too bad I couldn’t grab one of those camp mats, wanted one for the woman.

Ha!!! Thats a good one

Try the last 20.

Which one of you bought two? The jerk in Washington or the jerk in Florida?

720p HD video sample

See DJ Nikon