DXG V567V Pink 720p HD Camcorder

PINK!!! HOT! haha

Only ebay has these…well, and woot.


(haha…yay! Can say sucks now!)

Indeed, it is true that no one cares about the digital zoom. Digital zoom is just a gimic. You can do the exact same thing on your computer, it doesn’t actually get you any closer.

If this wasn’t pink, i’d consider it

but it isn’t, so back to watching the draft

What the hell is going on? Where are we??

Looks purple to me. Stats. Stats!!

I never thought I was moving.

$32 new on Amazon

$30 for a 720p camcorder ain’t bad. but this isn’t sold anywhere else, so there isn’t much info out there

Pressure on Nightghost here.

Did I hear someone asking for that to change?

Did you use one of these to make your video? Kudos btw, that was great!

We are in the land where stuff sucks and filters don’t.

It is sold on Amazon

Thanks… and no.

no…won’t do it again. Well, except that one time right before I saw this.

how many of these will my bandolier hold?

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