DxO ONE 20.2MP Digital Connected Camera

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DxO ONE 20.2MP Digital Connected Camera
Price: $309.99
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One would think they would have put a camera into the iphone by now and you wouldn’t need this thing.

You wish. I really want to switch away from my trusty old Nokia Lumia 1020 from 2013. The last time I compared it with iPhone it was still much better though. Nobody puts proper great camera sensors in the smartphones anymore.

Of course this won’t work with any phone case you might have. Who in their right mind doesn’t use a case?

Let me see if I got this straight…

For the bargain price of $310 I can get a camera for my wife’s iPhone that is only held in place by the Lightning connector and nothing else. Add to that the bonus of it only recording 1080p video at 30fps and the special feature of it needing a separate USB cable for transferring bulk images and recharging.

Did they seriously brag about it being under three inches and “weighing less than an iPhone”? Seriously? And it has a 3x digital zoom and the battery only lasts for about 200 photos so what the heck. How much more would it cost if you wanted features such as rapid multiple pics or slo-mo - you know, the things almost all standard phone cameras already come with? Wait, don’t answer that. I don’t really want to know.

But hey, it comes with a microSD card included. What a deal!

Spot on!

I bought a new 41 MP Nokia 808 for $100 after Microsoft bought Nokia and Symbian OS died. I’m fine with putting it in the other pocket if I want a more capable camera than my iPhone SE. 2012 camera technology and it still kicks all the other phone cameras I’ve used.