Dy #202 (Anthropomorphic Food): Honorable Mentions

I would’ve revolted if tjost hadn’t made it… that’ll be voted in the next double-take!

Hey I seen the popsicle poindexter at goodjoe the other day! Can it print on both places?

It’s down at goodjoe, I didn’t know it was making the HM list!

Aw thanks for the HM woot, I missed these!

Some great other picks in here congrats all - apelad, didn’t comment on yours, but I like it - so cute. And extra congrats to marzipanapple and grrlmarvel, loved your entries especially:)

isn’t there still a 60-day or whatever hold, regardless of whether it makes the hm list?

That’s correct. Regardless if it wins, loses, or is rejected, it needs to wait 60 days to run anywhere else.

You need to ALWAYS read the contract agreements.

I’m pretty stoked mine made the list. I didn’t expect the nod XD

Congrats guys! Cool cool cool.

There are a few designs that I’m kinda bummed not to see here, ThatRobert’s, fishbiscuit, Bassanimation, Robbie, but it was such a packed derby that was bound to happen.

That’s my mistake, I wasn’t aware that rule extended to the derby entries. Anyway, congrats everyone! Great stuff up there.

“You shut your whore mouth, pie!” :slight_smile:


blushes Ah Woot, you shouldn’t have.

Glad to see a few favs in there!!! Lots of really wearable designs this time around.

Lots of great choices up here. Sad to see some absences of course.

Very true… I just realized a few of my favs weren’t on the list. Sad face.

Damn this derby!
I can’t afford it when so many awesome shirts come out. Now there are more that may come back to haunt my bank account in a few weeks

Congrats, everyone else. I’d forgotten what it was like to get an HM. It’s free shirt time!

If only I could eat some pie and have it too…and have bratwurst for dessert.

How did Lactose Intolerant not make it?? That’s two injustices this month against poor roger :frowning:

And from the confines of a hospital bed (where she’ll be for a few more weeks), DoOomcat says thanks!

If you’re wondering, DoOomkittens. Yes, with an “s”, and to prevent complications, the twins have to come out early, hence the stay.

I noticed your wish is half-way there :wink:

Congrats DoOomcat! And welcome DoOomkittens–here’s hoping all are healthy.

I was gonna say YEAH for you. high five