Dye Sublimation and You: The All-Over Print Derby

I forgot to mention that with the All-Over Printing, there is no need to halftone the artwork. The science and physics behind this mind blowing technology doesn’t need that. It can can be full of gradient wonder. Just look at that cat shirt!

So do the color requirements change? Do we need to use Pantone Solid Coated color swatches for the color set, and are we limited to 6 colors?

Color requirements are lifted, these can be super colorful designs or completely monochromatic.
There are No Metallic or Glow inks.

Also just to make sure we are clear - the design is front and back. Those designs do not have to be identical. They can be completely different. They can play off of one another, contrast each other or flow with from front to back.

All-over catshirts!

(I have a couple copies of The Party back from when they were screen printed on made-in-USA Canvas blanks.)

Did I miss if this is for Thursday or Monday? Also, what is the verdict on photography assuming we own the rights?

i want that shirt

The All Over derby starts on Thursday at noon. Photography is iffy since we can’t really prove the rights in such a quick turn environment.

Are the shirts in this post going to be available? :smiley:

Ok, so this is totes amazeballs. Hopefully I’ll have some time to do a design.

I can’t seem to open any of the files with Inkscape. =( Any chance of getting a copy of the template in an SVG format? Pretty pleeeeease. =D

Edit: Or heck, I’d take a PDF if SVG won’t work. Thanks!

Good catch.
Here is a link to a .eps file.

I have also added this to the download link in the blogpost.

Can you please clarify the prizes and print selection criteria. Is this a normal Thursday mini derby?

It’s a normal Derby, more or less. Top three vote-getting designs will definitely print. We’ll select others from the Derby as “honorable mentions” as well.

Well two of them are catshirts …

This is like a regular weekend mini-derby with the top 3 winners getting $200 Cashola and then select designs being featured in the following sale. The number of designs chosen for the following sale will be less than normal because of extra work that it takes to get the art ready for printing.

With that, we will be asking for a link to the art as soon as possible when a design is submitted.
If art has critical matching points for the front and the back, we might ask that the artist provide the art placed on the templates for other shirt sizes.

Still unclear if we can we use our own photos for this contest?

No photos in derbies, we won’t be able to check copyright on any/all designs that might have them in there.

First, thank you, I appreciate it! Sadly Inkscape is deciding to be a jerk and not open the EPS for me…

Secondly, assuming I find a way to get at the template, how closely can the designs on the front and back of the shirt align? For example, if I had a line run from the front of the shirt to the back, would it align if aligned properly on the template, or is there just no chance of it aligning?

Ok, just so I’m understanding correctly are the blanks just going to be white? I’ve only got a chance to look at the template once. Thanks for anyone that may be able to answer.