Dynazap Insect Zappers

I had an ordeal with a house fly this evening that lasted about 20 minutes. Never used anything like this and the video disturbs me because it says this is ‘fun’ which is a terrible thing to say even about killing bugs.
Has anyone used one of these before??
Mostly it would be for spiders.

I am ashamed to admit that yes, these are fun. If you have an outdoor man cave which bees and flys also enjoy, it’s quite good sport to zap the little guys with these things.

Do they work pretty well in terms of killing the bugs fast? Have you used them on spiders? I can imagine them escaping through the holes.

Well they twitch a lot. I’ll assume that’s the electricity and not bug life slowly draining. I’ve not been fortunate enough to stamp a spider into Old Sparky, but I assure you it would do the trick.