Dyson 10” Bladeless Fan

how does a bladeless fan get refurbished?

Nice, best price I’ve seen, in for one.

product site…$200 off the retail price…not bad

These aren’t really fanless. The fan is in the base, and blows out the little holes in the hoop part.

Also, from experience, these are a little weak for the amount of power they use. It’s also a lot of fun to get dead bug parts out after they’ve been in storage for a while…

They remove the blades off of a broken bladed fan!

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Dyson 10" Bladeless Fan
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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For 99.99, I’ll stick to the old fashioned method of generating a cool breeze for myself…

…and hire a native to fan me with a palm frond.

I doubt this will make my house as cool as I wish it would.

The price for this is pretty good and it makes for an interesting conversation piece

You Just Ruined the magic!!!

bladeless, not fanless. no?

I hope someday someone will invent a non-buffeting fan that is grossly overpriced.

there’s no remote for this?

Well, I think that Anorion entity was trying to say they’re not bladeless… The claim isn’t that they’re fanless… It is bladeless.

I’m going to buy one just so I can deconstruct it in front of 2 good point appointed witnesses and prove that there’s blades in this thing, and just because they’re hidden away down under everything in the base doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Hey, I’m going to sell people computer-less computers. It is just going to be a box that you plug the monitor, keyboard, and mouse into… Turn it on and VIOLA! There’s your computerless computer. You can’t see a thing. You wouldn’t even know the thing was there if you didn’t see those blinking lights that indicate that this thing actually does computing stuff without even having a computer.

It can make it cool like “Hey look! this fan has no blades! How does it work?” but in terms of power it’s not so great (maybe a dorm room or a small office)

The fan has blades; they are hidden in the base.

It’s purported to be bladeless, not fanless. Never seen one opened up, but I’d imagine it’s a centrifugal fan with impellers instead of blades.

I have one of the tall versions of this fan and it works as described. It’s very, very nice despite its price.

my point was that it isn’t fanless. that makes no sense.