Dyson Air Multiplier 10” Bladeless Table Fan

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Dyson Air Multiplier 10" Bladeless Table Fan
$149.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I can’t freaking believe that guy was right about the Dyson…

Wait, yes I can.

Who called a Dyson? Give that man a prize.

Uh, it definitely does have blades. They are enclosed in the base.


240$ on amazon

Saved from oblivion by the Dyson bladeless fan! BTW, do not want…

If there ever were a Woot Korea, this would sell out faster than a bag of crap.

Is it possible to stop this fan with your tongue?

I saw these the other day at Office D on clearance for $109.

Did you know that these fans function on a principal used in the first hovercraft called an “Annular Jet”? Dyson touts it as a great new invention but it’s been around since before 1955.

(Plus I was dying to use the word “Annular” in a sentence)

I want one! I want one!

But, I also want a bigger paycheck to be able to purchase one. Darn.

well that was anti-climactic. Also, if you pay $150 for a table fan, you are retarded.

Didn’t they use one of these on Romper Room??

I see Billy, I see Susie, I see Tommy…

Oh me oh my. Bad, bad form Woot. Where is the thumbs down button!

Wouldn’t buy this at half the price, it’s still overpriced for a fan.

LOL textunclar - since you predict the future correctly (a dyson showed up!!!) tell us when the woot monkeys come flying by


You failed to turn off the woot lights as is your policy and thereby wasted the time of hundreds of wooters. You owe us a formal apology and I for one will not make another purchase until an apology is given.
My email to woot. feel free to copy.

The video is cool!

Still getting 503 errors!

OK, what makes this fan so great and expensive?