Dyson Air Multiplier 10” Bladeless Table Fan

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Dyson Air Multiplier 10" Bladeless Table Fan
$129.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Best price yet…worth it?

Raise your hand if you find “fan blade buffetting” to be “unsettling”…

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Another answer in search of a question.


why do they not put this on the top of a clickfree portable back up HD?

With that, I guess I’ll turn off the computer and get to work.

Still, it looks pretty rad. If only I needed a blade less fan…

Would like to see truglo watch again and also uniden wireless security cameras

Yay, I can buy a hundred dollar fan to go along with my two hundred dollar cutting board…Woot must think we are all wealthy this week.

haha they must have had 1 of these

want to make money??? these are currently selling for 160+ on ebay. actual final sold prices not listed as

Oh look, they made a fan for Mac users.

This is too cheap.
I would only buy it if it was 2-3 times more expensive.

unfortunately I don’t think it’s worth it. it’s simply a normal fan located in the base that send moves air out of the ring. There’s no reason for it to cost so much and some of them are pretty loud.

I have a small little fan that I used throughout college…cost $30 bucks, moves a lot of air, and is almost silent (model name: Chinook)

These are great, but utterly unnecessary and over priced. Its a fun novelty but unless dont you like blowing money on cool looking gadgets, then this product is not worth it.

best price I’ve seen yet still not justifiable. Dyson is kinda off they’re rocker. It is cool when you first see one but then it’s over. Just another fan. Dyson’s get rich quick scheme? FAIL!!! Now I don’t even want to buy one of they’re vacs