Dyson Air Multiplier 10” Bladeless Table Fan

whoa. was there only one set of flatware?

BTW, I saw one of these fans in use at a local bakery. kinda freaky how well it works. It did, however, have a ring of dust along the inside of the ring. Kinda grossed me out a little.

Dumbest. Thing. Ever.

went pretty quick, didn’t it?

So how long do these woot offs go for? all day?

Amazon sells this for 149 brand new. Where is the deal?

It would be ok… for $30. For $145, no way.

Until Woot cleans the junk out of the backroom, so that could be all day.

Oh, super, it’s the Airblade. Quite possibly the worst alternative to a mainstream product, ever.

I think these would go over much better if they were sold in packs of 20 and marketed by Red Bull as customizable paper-airplane racetracks.