Dyson Air Multiplier - 2 Colors

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Dyson Air Multiplier - 2 Colors
Price: $149.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Got questions? Check out the support page and great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at bedbathandbeyond.com

Really? an “air multiplyier”, marketing didn’t like “fan”?

I bought one of these a couple years back refurbished, and the little SOB is still blowing around some nice air. There are a couple of downsides of mine (again, it’s a few years old now). One is the intake holes and airfoil gets dusty. It can slow intake and can then cause the airflow to be a little wonky over the dusty airfoil. The other big issue is the noise. It’s as loud as howler monkeys in a mango tree, even on low.

Reviews not so good over on Amazon…

We bought this for a relative. It was for their private office when working weekends and the Air Conditioning or Heat goes off at 5 on Friday afternoon; not back on until Monday morning at 8.

Our relative said it was a lifesaver in the heat and cold. In their office with the door closed, this machine kept them warm enough or cool enough with everything shut down.

We paid $180 plus tax & shipping so this is a lower cost.

We’re Dyson fans so we weren’t shocked by our relative’s appreciation of the gift. It is a 2nd hand rating but our relative swore by it for heating or cooling at the desk area. How much square footage it covers; we have no idea.

[QUOTE=MichXelle, post:8, topic:419243]

Our relative said it was a lifesaver in the heat and cold. In their office with the door closed, this machine kept them warm enough or cool enough with everything shut down.

This AM02 model does not produce heat and there are different models out. The model you are thinking about is the AM04 table fan.

Weren’t these recalled? i was in costco yesterday, and swear this was posted on their recall board.

New season of alligator people in the swamp has a new team that rides around in an electric fan boat powered by just two of these bolted to the back. Must be powerful!

The AM04 and AM05 table heaters were voluntarily recalled due to a component that may overheat. The repair involves sending them out to a repair facility where the part is replaced, and the warranty is renewed.

Also, this model has been discontinued a few months back (as is the case with almost everything sold on here). The new one is more powerful, has a lot less noise, and has a timer… but the price on this is great, nonetheless. All of the air multipliers use high-end, sealed brushless motors, and will last a very long time.

Ick… For those wanting to waste money on something…
What’s wrong with a conventional fan that will provide years of trouble free service for 1/10 the price?
This thing is just silly…

Shhhh… You’re giving away trade secrets…

You can chip golf balls through this one.

Well, duh. The “chopping” of the blades on the air, and the insanity-inducing buffeting of the air that conventional blades create.

Why, I’ve heard that at first, Hitler was a decent fella who ate bagels with rabbis before he placed a conventional fan near his desk. Conclusion: if you like conventional fans, you must be a nationa1 socialist.

I’ve got the new one (AM07) and while I can’t compare it to the noise from this model, mine is super quiet in speeds 1-4. 5-10 it can be heard, but most of the sound is just the air moving through and not motor noise. It fits perfectly into the sliding glass door in out bedroom with the security lock rod in place int eh track. Oscillation is whisper quiet and it drawn in the cool night air fast. I replaced a Lasko tower fan with mine. The Lasko I had to replace once a year. While it still moved the air around, the noisy part of the Laskos I’ve had have always been the oscillate part where it rattles and has a mechanical sound upon reaching the end point and reverses back.

I’d say 4 out of 5 stars based on 136 reviews isn’t too shabby!

I’m upset I hestiated, I need a fan and wanted to take a flier on this one versus a tower fan for $50 or so less… Please bring a few more back for sale, Woot staff!

You can’t reinvent the wheel. Nor did Dyson. Sound is great, it’s a fan, get over it. Still not impressed for what was paid and breeze I’m getting. Save your money, just buy a fan. Home Depot $39.99.