Dyson Air Multiplier - 3 Colors

4 stars over at Amazon

wait a minute. you mean there’s not enough air? we need a multiplier? geesh I didn’t know it was that bad.

I ordered one of these Dyson Air Multipliers when they were on here last September 2013 for the same price. It works great since I have 2 toddlers at home.

The only complaint is that my refurbished unit did have a lot of wear and tear and visible cosmetic signs of use. I wasn’t expecting like-new in a refurbished unit and frequently buy refurbished stuff; but my unit just seemed to have more signs of use than I would have preferred.

I completely agree. Was super excited to get the fan for the price, but when it arrived it looked like someone had kicked it down the street for a few blocks, and then decided to box it up. I was EXTREMELY disappointed in it’s condition and it was more than tough to send it back. Woot definitely fails to mention what exactly ‘factory reconditioned’ means. Buyer beware.

These things really blow!

I wish they had the hot and cold one

Woot, exactly how beat up are these things. I’ve gotten both the dyson hand vac and the dc24 from woot. both refurb. and they looked brand new when they came.

I want to buy two, but if they look like “someone kicked them down the street”… well then, that certainly changes things.

agree I’d like a comment from woot. I am on the fence to buy one, as it’s been nasty hot here in SoCal, but not if it costs $150 for a beat up product.

How loud are these things. I know I’ve read that the previous (older) version sounded like a jet engine. Are these machines quieter, or at least don’t have that high-pitched fan whine?

I had bought one of the smaller refurb fans a year ago and it was practically brand new, love it. That being said my wife just recently bought one of the dyson cordless vans that was a refurb and it was extremely beat up. We were pretty upset, I want one of these but it’s $150 chance I’m not sure I’m willing to make.

I too am on the fence and would like someone from Woot to go into the warehouse and take a look at them; are the majority of them in decent condition? Or if the warehouse is somewhere else, call Frank and have him go look.

Which color did you end up going with and are you happy with it, or have different color envy?

They aren’t in our warehouse. There are hundreds of them and they are boxed.

well that’s an even worse outcome/response to me.
If there are hundreds of refurbished units, what does that tell you about the product and longevity of it working. Not very good for $150 purchase price. And very likely they are damaged as past buyers have mentioned. bummer. time to hit costco me thinks…

I am in the same boat. Bought a couple of Tab 3’s and they were in pretty bad condition. But Tablet is something you can put inside a case/cover and not worry about it anymore but this fan is something that is out in the open for everyone to see. After dropping $150 on it only to find out its all beat up and scratched would spoil the whole experience. Plus we all know the return practices at woot. So I guess I am going to keep myself at the fence this time and wait for something else to come along.

Well, thank you for at least replying! Appreciated.

For what it’s worth: http://www.amazon.com/Dyson-AM02-tower-fan-Silver/product-reviews/B003TFDV0O/ref=dpx_acr_txt?showViewpoints=1
The consensus seems to be quiet at lower levels, jet enginey at the upper limits.

OK for the bedroom, but too much damage for the living room. Chips and discoloration of the plastic. Looks like you picked it up from Goodwill.

Yes. I purchased a few of these and they seem to be in bad condition.