Dyson Air Multiplier Bladeless Pedestal Fan

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Dyson Air Multiplier Bladeless Pedestal Fan
$229.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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5 or less. Buy quick.

If these were cheaper, I would totally get one!

I’m not really a fan of this.

hey at least it’s not a vacuum this time!!

Its BS!!

Just a fan and some duct work…

Ah, another ring fan, more expensive than the last. Woot! has topped themselves again. hehe

Got too much discretionary income? This one’s for you :slight_smile:

how did u know that??

Dyson is awesome!! Everybody should buy three right now.

269.99 on amazon

If you buy one from here, and buy one from amazon. Then return the one you bought from amazon, but send them this one… you just made an easy 40 bucks!

A fan for $230?? People who buy these should be shot.

Im stabbing in the dark.

Will this work with my Mac? If only this was a refurb…

Why can’t Dyson invent something that doesn’t suck or blow?


One ring to rule them all?

I thought this was a propane patio heater for a minute.

These are awesome. I picked one up a couple of weeks ago on Woot. My fiancée who hates fans actually said she likes it. I honestly don’t understand it… these must have some magic or something.