Dyson Air Multiplier Bladeless Pedestal Fan

#1 sign that you have nothing better to spend your money on is the purchase of one of these.

Someone who actually bought this (looks like 1 so far), please tell me WHY. And how did you get so much money sitting around for a weird-looking fan.

I think I’ll just stick to spending $15 every other year for a pedestal fan with “dangerous fast spinning blades.”

If I put my hand in there will it suck me into it? Where the heck is the circulation come from?

This is going to grind this never ending woot off even slower down.

Two or three buyers and the bar hasn’t moved…not a good sign…

You should be pun-ished for that post.

(Mostly because you beat me to it.)

Isn’t it just about time to bring out the heaters in most places?

Too pricey for me.

Just don’t stick your fingers in a real fan.

Quote of the day.

Blades are in the base it’s magic…

These are a rip-off, even at this price.

Apparently lots of people need bladeless fans in Minnesota??

My spell check doesn’t even recognize the word “bladeless” …

With no blades, will it blend?

Too pricey for everyone, especially us waiting for a $5 dolla beee ohhhh ceeee.

According to my calculations, I estimate there are 150 of these for sale.

Not many thinking of fans in November

This or my Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone…

Hasn’t it already come?

You already missed it.