Dyson Air Multiplier Bladeless Pedestal Fan

Yes, but… that’s not what produces the airflow out of the unit. The fan in the base just pulls air in (how else did you think the air would enter the system?).

The air pulled in from the base, travel around the ring and is pushed out over the surface of the ring creating the ‘multiplier’ effect.

It’s not a lie, it’s not a trick, it’s not false advertizing. It works just like it says it does!

If I buy three of these, can I play Quidditch with them?

So…this uses a smaller diameter fan in the base and channels all that air up and out of the ring? All of that to remove “buffeting”? I personally am not able to tell the difference of the air hitting me from a fan compared to normal wind (ignoring that the fan is very localized).

Other than that though, from my experience with cooling fans for computers, in general, smaller is terrible. They have to rotate much faster to push out air to even come close to the performance of larger fans. Because they have to rotate faster, their bearing system tend to die a lot faster.

So, in the same principle, this small fan seems to me like it would be far less efficient, and more likely need replacing sooner, than a traditional fan that’s the size of the loop on top. And for the price of these things, WTF?!

Does anyone know what the life span of these are? And are they trying to figure out what to do with defunct fans/motors that didn’t make the cut for their vacuums or something, so they came up with this idea? Kinda like how with the chip market Pentiums don’t make the cut for Extremes, and Celerons don’t make the cut for Pentiums?

My tracking number was just sent to me. Supposedly December first is D-Day for me. Heh Heh, get it?

Shipping Update

Dyson Air Multiplier Bladeless Pedestal Fan has completely shipped via FEDEX Ground. All tracking has already been emailed out. You can also find your tracking number by following this link and use your ORDER NUMBER as the reference number.


Got it, set it up, repositioned it a few times, threw away the wrappings and put the box in the closet, and now have been enjoying it for a while. It’s so easy to tilt and adjusting the height is very very easily done.