Dyson AM02 Silver or Blue

The fanboy-ism on these things is comical.

Buffeting. I L’dOL.

I have a $16 20" Lasko from Home Depot circulating the air in my entire 2600sq.ft. house in FL. On low.

Bonus: the little white noise it does put out makes me sleep like a baby…

If you want airflow - check out this fan. Everyone in our family likes the white noise of a fan at night, so I hook these up during the winter when the A/C is off.


It will knock a small cat over on high setting.

BTW: I have the Dyson AM04, which is the AM02 plus a heater. Our home gym is in our basement and the room gets cold in the winter. The AM04 provides the right amount of heat and disperses it very well. Bought it on ebay for $149, factory reconditioned. The one I got did not work, but Dyson did eventually send me a new one (3 months). I bought a purple one, I think that is why it was so cheap. Dyson had none in refurb stock, so they made we wait until they manufacturer more and sent me a new one. Would I pay the normal price for these fans, heater or not, NO WAY. Same for their vacuums. We have one that is probably 8 years old, still works good, but when it breaks, I think the Shark Navigator will be our next vacuum.

You have nothing to worry about. Don’t fall for all the ad speak. There is a fan in the base and the output is funneled through that oval plastic device. Nothing more.

I had a fan very similar to that one (might have been an older model, but the form factor was almost identical) and the thing was a BEAST!

Sorry it took so long for me to respond to this, but I had to throw up first.

thanks. I enjoyed reading information from someone that actually looked at this from a more technical point of view.
although I thought most dyson products are marketed in a very misleading fashion before reading this.

10 minutes to go and still undecided. Hmmm.

A Vornado seems like it would be quieter and move more air (also cheaper). But this would look much better in any room. I wish I could try out how well it works first.

Mine came today and it is beyond a few scratches. It’s broke! The base is bent and cracked. The pretty blue fan part has quite a few scratches and chips. Not pretty at all. I contacted Dyson, they say contact Woot and I did. Now I see what happens next. I’ll let you all know. Normally I don’t mind refurbs but now I wonder. We’ll see.

So sorry about that. I wonder if it took a beating in shipment? Either way, CS will take care of you.