Dyson AM04 Hot+Cool

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Dyson AM04 Hot+Cool
Price: $149.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) over at BedBathandBeyond.com

Just so you guys know there was a safety recall on this model and the AM05, something is wrong with the heat system.

[MOD: Recall issue has been addressed on these if needed.]

Comments/Discussion from the sale back in October

Ancient history! All were fixed, including this one.

That is the reason why this is a refurbished. I believe it had to do with a limit switch which is an electronic safety switch that if temps get too hot or too cold depending on the switch it will turn off.

I bought one of these last time and I Love It! Blows with decent power and can heat a room up pretty decently as well. It is what some people would consider “loud” but I sleep with fan noise so that was actually a plus for me.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.

Most of the info I read gives heating info. Does anyone know how it cools? If so, how effective is it? How about the warranty ? Since it’s a refurb, how long is warranty?
Thank to all.

On the Features tab, as usual:

Warranty: 6 Months Dyson

It cools by blowing air over you. Works best if you are sweating or wet.

This unit has been recalled by Dyson https://www.dysonrecall.com/en-US/Info

[MOD: The issues have been fixed on these units.]

I bought this a couple of months ago when it was on Woot!, and so far I’ve been very happy with it. It heats efficiently and covers a fair-sized area (I bought it in the fall, so have only tested the heating).

It is a little louder than the space heater it replaced, but not significantly, and it is definitely more efficient at spreading heat. The remote and the thermostat are also upgrades over the old heater, so I’ll happily take extra noise as a trade-off.

Nice trick how, in the pictures, they position a person back in the distance right beside the Dyson to give an illusion that it is taller than it really is. It is a bit obvious, of course, but I just bet some are missing that perspective.

The cooling is just a fan so the cooling would be considered evaporative cooling. This fan runs off a thermostat control so if you want it to blow just regular room air you need to turn the temp way down. Otherwise it may try to add some heat to it if you are trying to maintain 72 degrees.

I got the white/grey one the last time and I’ve been very happy with it. It heats a room nicely and the design makes it a lot more aesthetically appealing than most. The remote is really nice because I can turn it off from my bed at night and on in the morning.

I was originally planning to use it with a WeMo switch, but safety features mean that if it the outlet turns off, the heater won’t automatically turn on again when the power is back. Probably for the best. The remote makes up for this.

I wouldn’t have bought it at the full $300 but the discounted price makes it appealing. I’m considering getting another one for another room or for a friend if I wind up not using it.