Dyson AM04 Hot+Cool

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Dyson AM04 Hot+Cool
Price: $129.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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So the description makes it sound like it air conditions (cools) the air and the specs allude to it, but I don’t see any confirmation. Does it just circulate and warm, or does it actively cool as well?

I’ve had one of these for almost two years now. It is just a fan. It cools like a fan cools by blowing air around. It is NOT an air conditioner. It also can heat and does a good job of heating a room rapidly. But, it has one large problem in that it is very noisy. Forcing air through the narrow slits makes a noise. So, it makes two noises, one from the actual fan in the base of the unit, the other by forcing the air through narrow slits. I have it near my television which was a poor choice of location because I can hardly hear the TV when the unit is running.
So, it looks nice, but if all you need is a fan that can also heat then you can save yourself a bunch of money , even at this reduced WOOT rate, by purchasing almost any other brand. Now, this unit had a recall for a fire hazard. I’m sure that this is safe because of the reconditioning process. To be fair, Dyson issued the recall and paid for the return, repair and return to customer for no charge. They stood by their product.

[MOD: These will have been serviced for the recall issue if needed.]

I kind of wish it wasn’t blue…

we use it my daughters room to keep it nice and toasty warm. Haven’t noticed much of an increase in our electric bill (maybe $20 or so?) so it’s pretty efficient; we run it every night set to 70 degrees.

Bought two of these a couple years ago and both are working like new. One of the best woot buys I made. Would buy again.

Does this unit have a dual voltage like 100-240 V or is it US only 120 Volt?

[MOD: Sorry, not dual voltage.]

All electric heaters are 100% efficient. Sorry but your electric bill has to do with how much you use your appliance and how powerful it is, not with efficiency.

Purchased this model last offering on Woot and then purchased the AM05.

Both models really heat up any room quickly. The air function works great also.

Mine are not noisy so anyone that states they are must have purchased a defective unit.

It is not an ac unit, ac units require refrigerant and a compressor. This is way too small for that. What it means when it says cool is it blows regular room air like a conventional fan. when your body is warm the blowing air helps to cool your body by evaporative cooling. Giving the sense that the air is much cooler. The heat mode does have a heater inside the unit to give you warm air. I have one of these and it works nice.

just 120 volt

They are sleek and when working properly, work great. But have not been the same post recall. The one I have now will sometimes not shut off and keep heating a room turning it into a sauna. I have taken it back 3 times, including sending it back to Dyson for repair, but still have the same issue. It is like the thermostat sensor gets out of whack very easily. I had one pre-recall and never had an issue. The issue started after sending it in to Dyson for the recall fix. Even got a brand new one out of the box from Costco after the recall and it has the same overheating issue. I think the sensor needs more protection so it works properly.

They say they have an “annular aperture??”

I think I took antibiotics for that once…

This is incorrect.

I got one of these the last time they were offered and would buy again, especially at the lower price. It replaced a DeLonghi small room space heater. It heats just as well and makes as much noise as the last space heater. The added features of having a thermostat and oscillation are nice, although sometimes it will keep heating the room a few degrees past the set temp, as someone mentioned. The only disappointment was in the physical condition of the item. The unit and remote have small scratches all over them and 2 out of the 3 prongs that attach the base were snapped off.

Technically, it is correct. It is also correct to say that your computer is 100% efficient as a heater. It’s more important that it works well - conveying that heat to where it’s needed, for example.

It doesn’t do much good if the heat stays in or within inches of the heater, or if the radiant heat heats the room walls but not the air between - though some heaters promote this, since it will also heat you if you are in a direct line from the heater.

This unit has more apparent efficiency compared to a simple heater, because it will take less electricity to make the whole room comfortable, compared to a unit that only heats a small area, has convection-only heat that rises to the ceiling, etc.

In other words, reviews matter more than raw specs. Unless you’re going to get into heat maps, flow patterns, etc.

And here’s your quality post.

//say it like Bill Engvall

Would you like to expound on that?

I don’t see any condensers, vents or all the apparatus that you see in an AIR CONDITIONER, so my guess is “no.”