Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool - 3 Colors

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Dyson AM05
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Dec 18 to Thursday, Dec 19)
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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What is the warranty on this since it is reconditioned?

Look under features: “Warranty: 6 Months Dyson”

Thanks! Very uneasy about buying reconditioned. Gonna have to think this one over a while…

I really wanted to love these Dyson fans but couldn’t. I love my Dyson vacuum and expected great things from the fan but an in-person test was enough for me to hate it.

  1. It has a really high pitched whine due to the small hole air intake at the base that is very penetrating.

  2. You have to be fairly close to it to feel the breeze unlike a Vornado fan which you can feel from 10+ feet away.

  3. Way overpriced. Would be OK except for the two points above. But IMHO, the negatives and positives are equally weighted so the fans should cost roughly the same as other fans on the market. Maybe an extra 10-15% for novelty but certainly not 100% or more.

I have one that I bought refurb for about the same price. The heater portion did not work and Dyson replaced with a new one, but it took 2+ months to get the replacement. My model is the AM04, not the AM05 here, but they look the same.

I use it in our exercise room in the basement and it is good to warm up the room. But, the fan is not powerful and neither is the heat. That said, I would not recommend, there are definitely better space heaters with integrated fans for much less money.

Does anyone know the wattage consumption of the heater element? Most small heaters are about 1500 watts. Thanks.
I think I found the answer to my question:
“Trusted Reviews” indicates it has a 2kw consumption when heat element is on and 40w when in fan only mode.
A lot of comments center on a false claim of cooling. This is only a fan and any cooling effect is derived from evaporation of moisture on your skin or movement of cooler air from one area to another. This device does not have a condenser or compressor. But it does have a ceramic heater that heats air. It is NOT an air chiller.

Thank you for the info, you covered every question I had and more importantly provided good scale!

I don’t know why people are uneasy about factory reconditioned.

A factory reconditioned item goes through very thorough inspection and is then repaired and individually tested prior to being put back on the market.

This is much more than the original, new factory line item would go through.

I’d dare say you’d have more of a chance of getting a faulty item new right off the assembly line because they may only do spot testing on those if at all.

Reconditioned doesn’t always mean it was broken. It could simply be a return.

I’ve purchased many factory reconditioned items over the years and rarely have had an issue. On top of that Factory Reconditioned has a warranty which will be honored.

So, you get a lower price on a like-new product that has seen more individual attention than a new product off the assembly line.

Wow, some of you are feeling quite chilly. These things have already sold out!

I own one of these I bought off woot reconditioned a few months back. love it!

I bought that Haier flat screen TV here, it was “reconditioned”. I too was in the belief that once they go through it, the product should be better than new.

Just at the 30 day mark, the picture went out. Contacted woot and they said the warrentee was up.

So I took it to a repairman. A few days later I get a call and said I should come in. Sounds like a hospital call, doesn’t it?

He brought the set out and said the picture board, ( LED board ) was bad. There were other problems internal that should not have been that way. He had call HAIER and they wanted $400 to replace said LED board.
Doing some checking it seems this model may have had problems with that LED board that was supplied to the factory and was the reason it was refurbished. It was refurbished with another faulty LED board.

SO YES, BE VERY CAUTIOUS OF THE REFURBS YOU FIND HERE, or anywhere. If you don’t know the history of the problem of the refurb, you may be walking into another money pit. But if you think you can “REFURB” this set, I still have it, any takers…

got in on this deal but a tad worried said 1-2 day shipping for Christmas but when I went through check out there was no option to do this. there was only the 3-8 day. Will I receive this item for Christmas tried to email support but mt reply said it could be weeks to get a reply due to the holiday.Any help is appreciated TY. If I need to change order to get it for Christmas I would like too please

anyone have an extra they would be willing to sell?

I bought two of these from woot, I think they have been recalled by Dyson. Anyone have any information?

Dyson is handling these directly.

There’s a page on their site to see if yours is affected.