Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool Fan

I’d like to buy the square trade warranty to go with this but when I click it says I need Adobe flash player and that its not compatible with Android. How can I get the warranty? Thanks

You’ll need to move to a device that supports Flash. That’s a requirement of SqTr unfortunately.

I ordered one of these. It appears to work fine, but even a refurbished unit should have an owners’ manual!!!

Oh man, sorry. I’d suggest getting in touch with Dyson; they can probably send you just the MIA manual.

If you need any extra assistance, please don’t hesitate to send your order info and issue to support@woot.com. Our CS team can check into things for you, too.

How do these things cool don to 32 degrees? I see no reference to AC or evap cooling. Just wondering how a fan can take 80 degree room air and cool it down to 32 degree.
Dyson magic perhaps?

I think you’re probably right to assume Dyson Magic.

Do you see where some of these fans have been recalled?

Can you send me a link to any information about that? I’d love to pass it on to our Home Team. Thank you!