Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool - White

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Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool - White
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2/19/2014 - $149.99 (Woot-off) - 2 comment(s)

Product Page with video/reviews (different color)

Near perfect reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at homedepot.com adn pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com

I’ve used most types of heaters so it takes a lot to impress or surprise me. Well, I bought one from Woot several months ago and was impressed and surprised. The incredible blast of hot air from this shocked me. It was as if I just opened the door of a furnace. On high, the airstream could easily reach 15-20’. And because the “bladeless” blows a diffuse pattern, it’s a surrounding effect, unlike the Vornado’s very focused vortex. This, of course, also means that the cool fan-only mode is similarly effective. The biggest complaint I have – and it’s the same one cited by Consumer Reports – is the noise at the highest speed. The lowestspeed is very quiet. A minor complaint is that it lacks a timer for auto-shutoff.

Reading the reviews on Best Buy, this doesn’t sound like a replacement for an A/C (which is what I really want), as some reviewers pointed out that it doesn’t actually produce cold air (it just draws the available air in, and on hot, humid summer nights, this would probably be close to useless). I guess the technology for something less bulky than an A/C is years and years away, or does someone know of a device that has the comparable size/weight of a table fan that produces ice-cold air?

Another minor annoyance is that there is no fan-only switch. Instead, you need to turn on the heater with the thermostat all the way down. Although that’s not exactly elegant, it’s probably a once-per-season procedure so it’s really not that annoying. It’s only really annoying if you live somewhere where you’d have to switch between fan and heat several times a day. Then it would be like having to adjust your alarm clock several times a day

The wife and I bought this the last time it was on Woot. It’s definitely a pricey fan and heater unit (and I could not imagine paying full freight) but it really does a nice job keeping things warm.

For heater mode, there isn’t (to my knowledge) a way to just leave it running, so if you want it for white noise, it won’t work; it cycles based on your thermostat setting, which makes a lot of sense, really, since you don’t want to cook yourself. (I suppose you could crank the thermo all the way up and it’ll just stay on, but again, cooking yourself.)

On the flip side, the heat is nice, you don’t get that burnt dust smell, the remote is pretty nice, but the temperature light on the front is a pretty white LED so I had to tape it without covering the remote IR receiver.

Overall, actually quite happy with this purchase. Our bedroom is in the back of the house and it doesn’t make sense to heat the entire place at night when we’re just in the bedroom, so I was able to save significantly on heating bills since this can keep things plenty toasty.

I’ve used it in cool mode as well (which is, as others have noted, JUST a fan, NOT an actual AC). Getting there by setting the temperature all the way to the bottom is kinda dumb, but I guess it was an easy way to make it “simple”. Once you’re there, the fan does what it suggests.

It’s also quite flexible in how it points, and though it doesn’t feel like the air is quite as powerful as some of the bigger turbo fans I’ve had, it ends up being even more effective since it’s such a wide blast of air. (It’s also actually quite powerful, and quite noisy.)

One issue to consider is that this heater uses 1500 watts. There is no high/low mode as is the case with most other heaters. In those heaters, you’d get to choose between, say 800 or 1600 watts. Higher wattage means quicker heating. The problem is that the heater will probably need its own line, especially if you have older 15 amp wiring. And many dorms and offices may not allow something so powerful. That’s when a slower and lower mode is helpful. However, with this Dyson, it always uses around 1500 watts, regardless of how high you set the fan.

Speaking of the fan, one of the major pluses of Dyson fans is how little electricity it uses. My regular Dyson fan uses only 8 watts at the lowest setting, yet moves as much air as my regular fans at around 26 watts. That said, I have not measured the wattage of this heater on fan-only mode. And yes, the bladeless output really is more comfortable that that from a regular fan. The diffuse airstream resembles a real breeze, as opposed to the choppy focused airstream of normal axial fans. It’s not just hype. In fact, my Dyson fan is on low almost 24/7, making it my most-used Woot.

I agree. One of the biggest plusses with these bladeless fans is how wide and diffuse the output is. This allows more even heating of the room, which COnsumer Reports lauded. In fact, the output of my regular Dyson fan is so wide that I rarely need to make it oscillate.

You’re right. You’d need a compressor for room-sized air conditioning so it will be significantly larger than this. The only way to truly cool the air with just a fan is through evaporative cooling. That’s where heat is taken away as a liquid evaporates into a gas. But as you pointed out, this is harder to achieve in high humidity. It still works, however, because of the fan blowing – unless the air is totally saturated. To do evaporative cooling, place a large container of water between you and the fan. Then put a towel partially in the water, acting as a wick. As the fan evaporates the water, the air around the towel cools. And that cooler air should reach you. Another technique is to spritz water around and on you with a mister. As the fan blows you, you should feel a chill – like coming out a pool with a breeze.

Click here is Consumer Reports’ advice on selecting a space heater. And the below video is their review on this Dyson heater. The found it safe and very effective for warming the room evenly. However, they hated the noise on high and the retail price of $400. With Woot’s refurbed price of only $149, noise becomes the only issue. And that’s only o high. At lower speeds, it’s fine and very quiet at the lowest speed.


Does the voltage fit to 110 - 220V? OR JUST 110V?

Most space heaters contain Teflon or some other, similar component. Does this one?

I need to know. As a parrot owner, I can’t heat Teflon in my home or the toxic fumes will kill my bird.

Came here hoping to find out how many watts this thing draws. My office has heating problems in the winter, and even small space heaters would pop breakers (it’s an old building). I doubt I could use this at work. I’m really looking for a lower wattage heater.

Everything I’m finding via google says it’s 120v only. You might call Dyson for a more specific answer.

WARNING: I bought one on woot in Aug (?) of last year, by the end of November the heating element had broken so off to Dyson it went. It’s STILL being repaired!! And, to top it all off… Dyson’s customer service is awful! I would skip this one and save your money.

I have two of these, bought at different times from Woot, and one’s set to celsius while the other is fahrenheit. Can’t figure out how to change the setting, though it’s not been an issue.

Loud on high, but super productive as far as the air flow. Even though it’s not an a/c, I have one in my living room and it makes a big difference in a hot and humid room to feel the breeze.

I almost want to justify buying another one. :slight_smile:

Methinks the laws of physics are working against you in this area. You might consider a dehumidifier to make the hot room more comfortable. Still bigger than your mythical magic-cooler.

Try looking for an “under desk” heater that looks like a flat panel (no fans, etc.) and is designed to warm your feet and legs. Low wattage and localized heating. I use one in the living room at night when I turn the furnace down and the cats crowd around it to warm their feet and butts.