Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool

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Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool
Price: $139.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Oct 04 to Wednesday, Oct 05) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Hmmmm. What the ?? I just bought one last week from woot for $169!

Oh man, sorry. Please send your order info to support@woot.com; CS can check into your account.

What’s the cutoff? I bought one 42 days ago for $159.99.

Are these fans subject to the recall, or has it already been performed?


Last time they confirmed the recall had been performed, can’t see this time being any different.

How is it?

Any required repairs will have already been made.

See M. Erb’s (a top 10 reviewer) comments and video review at Amazon…not very complementary. Also, another reviewer said there was a $300 increase in electric bill (not even continual use). I was considering this device, but not anymore.

Me too.

There are different grades. You have factory refurbished and factory reconditioned. It can depend on how old the unit. I may have this mixed up so dont hold me to it. Refurbished may have been under 30 days or a doa and was returned. Since the MFG cant sell as new they have to label it refurbished. The factory reconditioned may have been within the factory warranty and may also contain blemishes so its a lesser grade. Still goes through factory testing to replace the defective component(s) once again they cant sell it as new so now you have refurbished. You may have the same outer shell but a new motor inside.

I bought an AM05 manufacture refurbished had a small mark on top have had it 2 years and no issues actually enjoy it quite well. It is quieter than a normal fan but unlike a regular fan with 3 speeds you have 10 different speed settings. Max speed does get a tad noisy but so doesnt a blade fan. This fan you have less chances of an animal or child trying to stick something in the blades.

Its not designed to heat your entire space. Its designed if you do use the heat setting so the air wont feel cool across your skin in the winter. You dont have to have the heat on. The heat comes from a heater element inside the fan. Electric heat is 100% efficient since there is no loss of heat. But yes any electric heater can cost you dollars for electrical usage. I use mine mostly for cool for air movement and havent noticed an increase.

I purchased 3 of these and I have mixed reviews. Each time you turn on the fan, you need to tell it to osculate and doesn’t work until the heat starts. That means I need to turn up the heat, then push the osculate; otherwise, it won’t work. It is not a quiet fan on the lowest setting. It maintains heat just fine and needs to activate more than a space heater since it only goes 1 degree above set (I believe it’s 5 degrees for heaters). The good thing is that it’s a fan and heater in one. Which is exactly why I bought them; we don’t have ceiling fans and this product does the trick. Would I buy again? No. They are easy to trip over, and now are starting to make noises a year into use. I would have much preferred to just buy a ceiling fan and a space heater for my 1 yr old and 3 yr old kid rooms. However, if you’re going to use it in common areas, they are great.

It works quite well. Glad I bought it.

just sent in a support request.

What is the return policy? Please let me know.

Our return policy is linked in my signature.

I’m not sure if it’s possible to have a $300 increase in your electric bill using this thing.

At 1500 watts that’s 1.5 kw * .12 (cents per kwhr average cost of electricity) * 24 hrs * 30 days = $129.60.

I also didn’t see the review that mentioned a $300 increase. I saw one (by Leslie) that mentioned a $300 decrease…

“…saving $300 per month on heating…”