Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool

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Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool
Price: $139.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Dec 28 to Thursday, Dec 29) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I’m pretty sure they have blades. They’re just really tiny and enclosed in the device, correct? It is extremely unlikely that this machine would use sorcery as a means of creating kinetic energy.

Bought one of these on a previous woot - waste of money imho if you’re just looking for a heater. It won’t heat any better than a cheap space heater and makes a lot more noise.

Maybe for $50… But NWIH I’m spending $139 on a fan, even with a heater.

Ahhhh. Dyson Fans. The Roomba of the next generation.

the last AM09 I bought lasted three months past the warranty…just FYI

Have these already been repaired from the recall? The recalled ones were supposed to have a new 2-year warranty, once that was done, but I’m not sure how these apply, at this point.

Any necessary repairs, including the recall, will have been made to these units.

this looks like it would be loud… like louder than an ordinary fan with blades.

how much noise does the cool air make. I have a blade fan now that is pretty noisy

Correct. It has a little fan in the base. Not exactly a brilliant design, but it works well and is especially safe for young kids - especially important as young families generally have a lot of disposable income.

These fans are quite quiet though, they generally have some set up at best buy or some home appliance stores, so if you’re curious you can go here and see. They are quite quiet and produce a notable flow of air though.

Other models maybe, but not this one.

These AM05 fans are loud as hell. There is nothing quiet about them. I am way more tolerant of fan noise than the average person and I think these fans are kind of loud when set to 1 2 or 3 and ridiculously loud at any speed higher than that and at 10, you may as well just be living in the path of the airports runway.

I’ve never seen these for sale new anywhere, yet they keep popping up as refurbs on Woot and other deal sites. Maybe they sell them new via those catalogs of ridiculously overpriced junk that are always next to the barf bags on airplanes.

Either Dyson has some serious quality control problems or they market new products as refurbs so they can capture some of the unwashed mass’s cash by selling at a lower price point without pissing off the biters who paid full fare.

OMG, this made me laugh!!!

The recall was amazing.
I mailed 1 fan in and got 3 back in the mail.