Dyson AM06 (2 Colors)



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Dyson AM06 (2 Colors)
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Great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at BestBuy.com


Reviews over at Best Buy


Welcome to the world of “this wasn’t a problem til we figured out a way to market an expensive solution for it”.

You’ve seen this world. It shares a 'brane with the “I spent a lot of money on this shiny Dyson thing, so it has to be good and it has to be legitimate and I’m going to defend it on that principle” world.

Save yourself a hundred bucks and go get a decent fan. Trust me - you won’t notice the choppy air.


Reviews over at Walmart


The high pitched whine is quite annoying too. Also the air just doesn’t go very far. Better off getting a Vornado.


I hadn’t heard of the range issue, but it sort of makes sense. If I had to guess at the reason, I’d guess the poor range is a result of the fact that in a normal fan, the blades chop through the air and lower the air pressure along the path of the airflow, thus reducing the resistance of the air immediately in front of the blades, so the flowing air doesn’t have to push as hard. The Dyson, with its enclosed design, ends up having to push its output through stationary air around the outlet, and the air is also mostly traveling in the same general direction, so you get less disturbance and thus greater pressure in the way, making it more difficult for the airflow to continue.

That’s just a layman’s guess from a person un-studied in fluid dynamics, though.


I have a Dyson fan. Works fine. It is quieter than my regular fan. I like it just like my vacuums.


Bought one of these in a previous Woot sale. Fan works great and is quieter than a normal fan. Price is high compared to standard fans, but you are getting nice aesthetics compared to a regular. Also have Vornado fans, and while they do produce better air flow, they are considerably louder.


Or maybe, just maybe, we live in a world where everyone has different tastes. Some people don’t mind choppy air, others are bothered by it. Some might try a Dyson fan and feel it was a waste of money, whereas others might try a Dyson fan and be spoiled by any other kind of fan from that moment on.


Same here. Dyson fans and vacuums we are very happy with all.


Arrived without remote. So we’re stuck with two choices: Off or 10. Please send remote!
Otherwise we’re happy (if a bit windblown).