Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan - Blue

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Dyson AM08 Pedestal Fan - Blue
Price: $269.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $15 Two-Day OR $18 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Oct 13 to Tuesday, Oct 14) + transit
Condition: New


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Check out the product page and pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com

No matter how cool it is…it’s still $269 for a fan. :frowning:

You could get a whole ARMADA of fans for that much. Not enough to fill a stadium, but at least a bar? :stuck_out_tongue:

Reviews over at QVC

You could buy a pretty nice air conditioner for the same price. Just sayin’.

So this starts low and then you can raise it higher and higher until your cat can leap through it from the floor. Then it bursts into flame?

Oh wait it’s a fan… that makes way more sense.

well, it’s not a refurb. first time for everything.

Air is drawn in at the base (by a concealed fan), and released from the inside perimeter of the ring at the top. The air is indeed less “choppy” than a regular fan, similar to a tower fan using an impeller. I have read that this fan is more efficient and less noisy than previous models.

I’m so glad I joined Dyson’s website. You make air move WAY more sexy than my 20 inch box fan. If you buy this you are retarded, or have enough money to fund my jerk-off study.

$15 cheaper directly through Dyson on eBay. Plus you get 2% eBay bucks cashback. So in reality, it’s $20.20 cheaper.
Through Woot you get no returns.
Through eBay, you get 30 day returns.
Amazon & Woot are a joke.

I bought this fan last time it was on WOOT. Stopped working after 7 months (6 month warrant on the refurb) they wanted $149.00 for a new motor…junk!

That’s why it pays to shop around. The first item I ever bought from Woot, I found on Ebay the next day for a bit less. Plus, the Ebay item was new, and the one I got from Woot was a refurb. The excessive length of time it takes a Woot item to ship keeps me from purchasing things more often than I do.

If the one you bought was the heating/cooling fan then you are in luck. There was a safety recall on those and Dyson is fixing all of them, even those that broke down for reasons not related to the recall. They are also adding a full 2 year warranty to the fan from the day of service at no cost to you. Just check your serial number here:


I completely agree. I’ve been scouring Woot for quite some time for a new Dyson (both fan and vacuum) but realized the prices here are not as competitive (and actually more expensive) than other sites. I ended up getting this exact same Dyson fan elsewhere for $10 less (few months back), although it IS a pretty neat fan and quieter than I expected.

Also, just because Woot is selling this fan as ‘New’ doesn’t mean it will actually be a brand new item, so the whole Refurb/New thing is up for debate. You’d be surprised, the last major item I purchased was a “new” comforter set, and there were seriously questionable stains on both comforter and pillow (and Woot could care less about my issue, and refuses to refund me) but I’m not saying you’ll have the same stains on your Dyson fan… shudder

why do i need a 270 dollar fan? that blows air around.
cuz. apparently.

This fan blows.

Why do fans keep getting taller and skinnier and easier to knock over/break. It’s a fan…it’s only purpose is to blow air, you don’t really need to overthink it

You don’t know any engineers, do you? :smiley:

Yeah, I had one of the recalled units, it took Dyson nearly 4 months to refurbish my unit. After 3 months, I remembered that I had sent this in and started hounding Dyson. I was told they were backlogged. So if you send yours in now, you might get some use out of the heater in March when they send it back. The fan/heater works quite well.